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New Release: Hymn For Carers - Dedicated to the NHS & Care Workers


The last year has brought so much heartbreak to so many, across the globe. This emotional piece gives both players and audiences a chance to reflect on the last twelve months, remembering loved ones who may no longer be with us. There has been so much sadness interspersed with moments of celebration and this work is filled with emotional highs and lows, felt by many of the hospital and care staff who worked tirelessly to keep our people safe. Music has for centuries being used to keep our spirits up and the music ends with a timely nod to Vera Lynn who passed away in 2020. This uplifting work is dedicated to the NHS staff & Care Workers.

This work is also available as a digital download



Latest Releases & Featured Titles

The Wellerman
(the Tik-Tok Hit) This traditional Whaling song went viral around the world on social media platform TikTok during the Covid-19 lockdown in early 2021. Starting with a lone voice, more and more singers & instrumentalists began adding their harmonies and improvisations to the melody until, there were literally hundreds of people all working together to create a global voice, including some big name celebrities. This release allows your band to recreate the viral hit and when back on stage, add your own choreography and optional singing with this shanty that has found a new appreciation amongst younger audiences and reflects the hard times many of us are all currently facing. View More
PMP Practise Pads
Instrumental Parts It is fast approaching one year since normal rehearsals were suspended for Brass Bands. We, like many of you are looking forward to the day we can return to band rooms. However, we too are concerned that the banding movement could have been be irreparably damaged following the last twelve months. Pennine Music would like to do everything we can to help keep players' brass band playing alive and not pack away their instruments for good.

Without you, there is no us! To that end, we have started to put together these 'Practice Pads' for you to download completely free. They contain a variety of music & there are backing tracks available for download for many of the titles included here at www.penninemusic.com.

We hope this will go some way towards helping ride the storm and get us back in the bandrooms with chairs filled with players. More practice pads will be added over the coming days and weeks.

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The Covid Collection
Concert Suite for Brass Sextet

This exciting new 22-minute concert suite for Brass Sextet has been composed during the months of lockdown charting the feelings of a nation, with seven movements playable by 6 (or more) players. The music was composed with the intention for players to perform either together live in a small group, in isolation by way of a virtual performance (downloadable backing tracks are available to play along to) and ultimately, to give players something to enjoy as we all miss our brass band families. This concert suite is the perfect addition to all bands’ libraries at a time when rehearsals are limited. Several of the movements are already in preparation for a full band edition to be released at a later date:

  • Movement 1: FANFARE: The Call of the Band

  • Movement 2: March of the Antibodies

  • Movement 3: Solidarity

  • Movement 4: Lazy Days

  • Movement 5: Hymn for Carers (Dedicated to the NHS & Care Workers)

  • Movement 6: Army of the Keyworkers

  • Movement 7: CELEBRATION: Return of the Band

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  • Windsor Variations
    For Brass Band & Percussion

    The first major Concert Work/Test Piece by Gavin Somerset for brass band takes the familiar tune, St. George's Windsor (Elvey) and gives us a highly enjoyable opus, full of music with which players & MDs can fully express themselves. Often sang to the harvest hymn, Come, Ye Thankful People Come, Its majesty and motifs make this an enjoyable piece to both play and listen to. The work’s primary focus is on melody and music with all sections of the band involved in bringing this piece to life. At harvest time or any other, this is a great new feature work for the brass band repertoire.


    Whilst Brass Band rehearsals continue to be suspended, we are offering FREE downloads of any of the instrumental parts for this new work*. A downloadable playback of the work is also available for you to play along to with a click track included where deemed appropiate to aid your home practice.

    To download your free instrumental part, please send us a quick email to [email protected]. Once we have received your request, you shall be emailed your free music. Please allow up to 24hrs for this to arrive. Thank you.

    To download the playback audio to play along to, please RIGHT CLICK HERE & Save As .

    *A maximum of 2 parts per email address allowed

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    Poppy Fields
    In Remembrance It was while looking out upon the twelve-thousand graves at the Tyne Cot memorial, of which over eight-thousand commemorate the lives of unknown soldiers, that the composer felt compelled to compose a piece which encapsulated the feeling of bothpeaceful serenity and great loss that one has when visiting such a place. Throughout the work, images of the 'Last Post' are heard in the distance, as the music reflects upon the catastrophic events which took place in Europe and around the world during the first part of the twentieth-century. Under this hauntingly familiar melody, a simple hymn-like chorale plays and is soon heard overlapped with the opening material in an attempt to unite the feeling of calm and of pain that a place of great remembrance such as Tyne Cot invokes within us all. *note – the opening Marimba part can be substituted for Xylophone/Vibraphone to create a sustained sound View More
    Calon Lan
    A new take on this this famous Welsh song is the perfect way to introduce your band to the concert stage. With stage directions, the band appears over the familiar 'Bolero' side drum rhythm one section at a time. Calon Lan has as in recent years become associated with the Welsh Rugby Union, being sung before almost every Test match involving the Welsh national team. This arrangement is accessible to Youth bands as well as senior bands and a lovely way to add something different to your concerts. View More
    O Isis Und Osiris
    Eb Bass Solo The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte) is one of Mozart’s most successful operas, premiered only 2 months before the composer’s early death. Skilfully arranged now as an Eb Tuba solo (with an Euphonium solo part as an alternative option), this is a chance for your band’s tuba player to show the instruments in a new light, not often seen on the concert stage. The Aria O Isis Und Osiris is performed at the start of the second act of the opera and allows the soloist to show off the more lyrical and operatic side of the instrument. View More
    Keep The Rhythm Going
    Keep the Rhythm Going was written for Abingdon Concert Band during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic as a tribute to musicians around the world who found ways to play together virtually in order to 'keep the rhythm going'. This exciting piece will be a great opener for any concert or contest programme and is available for both brass band and wind band. When performing the wind band arrangement the Cor Anglais, Eb Clarinet and Alto Clarinet parts are optional and can be omitted without affecting the music. The premiere performance can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/b6f7zRzxI7k View More