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Echoes of Goff - Celebrating the Music of Goff Richards


There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that Goff Richards’ music enriched the Brass Band repertoire with his colourful and imaginative arrangements and compositions. Composer, Gavin Somerset was encouraged when younger by Goff, to write for Brass Bands after they had worked on an arrangement together. Following the passing of Goff back in 2011, this melodic, yet powerful work that reflected upon two of Goff’s popular compositions for band, Pastorale & Country Scene, was composed. Seven years on, this work is only now being released and provides an emotional music tribute, which both players and audiences will enjoy over and over again.

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In Flanders Fields
For Wind Band In Flanders Fields has become a firm favourite for many bands across the globe, having received many emotional performances on both the concert and contest stage, as well as at the Menin Gate several times. Now due to demand, composer Gavin Somerset has scored the work for Wind/Concert band ahead of the commemorations taking place in November. View More
How Far I'll Go
From Disney's 'Moana' One of the most popular songs from Disney’s ‘Moana’, is now available for brass band. How Far I’ll Go is the Academy Award nominated song and it became an instant hit upon the film’s release. The film tells the story of a young girl, chosen to reunite a mystical relic with a goddess. Upon its release, ‘Moana’ was met with great critical acclaim and has quickly placed itself up amongst the best of Disney's latest animated works. Loved by audiences of all ages, this release is the perfect choice for a modern concert programme and a song loved worldwide. View More
Hymn Tune Ellandium was commissioned for Elland Silver Band’s debut album, ‘iMAGINATIONS’ (2018), and was first performed at their ‘Yorkshire Champion Contenders’ concert on 25th February 2017. The work is a beautiful hymn with a modern twist, featuring lush, jazz-inspired harmonies and a soaring, heartfelt theme carried delicately by Cornets and Baritone. Composed by Elland Silver Band's Composer-in-Residence, Nick Brocklehurst, Ellandium will satisfy audiences from start to finish, from its humble opening to its powerful climax and peaceful resolution. View More
Sketches from the Galley
Sketches From the Galley takes audiences on a swashbuckling pirate adventure, evoking images of cannon-fire, pirate ships and jaunty merriment through its contrasting “sketches”. The work was commissioned as a concert item for Elland Silver Band, and was premiered at their summer concerts in 2017 around Yorkshire. Composed by Elland Silver Band’s Composer-in-Residence, Nick Brocklehurst, this thrilling piece provides a fun challenge that showcases the entire band, and guarantees to please audiences with its catchy melodies. View More
(from Beauty & The Beast) Disney’s remake of the 1991 animated picture gave the chance for composer, Alan Menken to add new music to the already popular soundtrack. In the original film, it was felt the Beast was missing any major feature song. This was put right with the live-action remake which became an instant global hit.
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Hushabye Mountain
Horn Solo Originally arranged for Owen Farr, Hushabye Mountain is a well-loved and cherished song by the renowned Sherman Brothers from the 1968 motion picture, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The song acts as an idyllic lullaby, sang by Caracatus Potts as he sends his children to sleep.
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Into The Future
BrassFestUK 2018 With the success of the inaugural BrassFest UK events last year and along with it, the commssioned work to celebrate the Brass Band movement, the event this year threw the doors open with a competition to compose the 2018 anthem for bands across the country to enjoy. Judged by Philip Harper, Gavin Somerset and Christopher Bond, this winning work by Max Stannard was written with a view to celebrating the youngsters and future of the Brass Band movement. View More
Hinky Dinky
Mademoiselle from Armentières Mademoiselle from Armentières (also known as Hinky Dinky) was one of the most popular songs of World War One and known in many versions, often with extremely dubious lyrics!  The origins of the jaunty melody are not certain but it could date back as far as the 1830's and may be a French military tune. View More