Baritone & Euphonium Mutes

Baritone Cup Mute

Baritone Cup Mute - £117.00

Based on the 381 with a 90 mm large sliding cup section. This superb mute offers the solo player and the band player a new sound concept.

Baritone Practice Mute (Compact)

Baritone Practice Mute (Compact) - £70.00

Unique and full of innovation, this practice mute fits completely inside the bell & can be tuned to your instrument and has adjustable resistance. Free blowing and responsive over the entire register and lightweight.

Baritone Straight Mute

Baritone Straight Mute - £60.00

A truly superb mute in every way, in tune centered tone, plays over the register with ease.

Euphonium Cup Mute

Euphonium Cup Mute - £150.00

High quality sounding Euphonium Cup Mute. Cup can be removed creating a great sounding straight mute.

Euphonium Practice Mute (Compact)

Euphonium Practice Mute (Compact) - £100.00

A smaller model of the M24 for players who want an even smaller mute. It is not as even to play as the M24, yet remains a very good practice mute. This mute is only 150mm in length and can play sharp in pitch.

Euphonium Practice Mute (Studio)

Euphonium Practice Mute (Studio) - £98.00

Fits completely in the bell and plays extremely well over the register, has adjustable resistance and a true centered feel. This mute will play a half tone sharp; simply pull out your tuning slide to adjust the overall pitch or use it as it is. This mute is only 200 mm in length and is very lightweight.

Euphonium Straight Mute

Euphonium Straight Mute - £105.00

High quality sounding Euphonium Straight Mute playing great across the full range of the instrument.