Brass Monkey's Warm Ups

Composed by Gavin Somerset


Warm Ups The perfect way to get your learners to warm up before a rehearsal. This publication features 4 warm up pieces that get players moving together and listening to the tuning of each other...

  1. Ups & Downs
    Crotchets moving over 4 notes in sections and then the whole band in unison.
  2. Scales Away
    Crotchet scales that also provide harmonies with each other.
  3. Crispy Quavers
    Get your band playing Quavers together whilst moving over 3 notes.
  4. Slide Along
    An exercise requiring very little movement of the fingers, just the lips!
These 4 exercises are then followed by 3 hymn tune arrangement of Belmont, Crimond & Blaenwern which can also be used as concert items by your band.