Brass Monkey's Soloists

Composed by Martin Geovess


The main goal of any training band is to eventually see the players progress through the ranks and ultimately, be placed within the senior band. This latest instalment of the Brass Monkeys series, aims to bring that goal much closer and boost the confidence of the learners. The 'Brass Monkey's Soloists' publication features four specially composed works which allows the young soloists to perform a feature piece with accompaniment from the senior band. There is no bigger confidence boost than playing up alongside the 'big band'. The specially tailored solo parts are written at an advanced training band level, whilst the senior band parts will keep them busy as they aid the future generations to come. This publication features...

THE OLD 'F' AND 'C' - (Solo for Cornet / Flugel)
LAZY DAYS - (Solo for Trombone)
DANNI'S SONG - (Solo for Tenor Horn)
THE SHOWMAN - (Solo for Euphonium / Baritone / Xylophone)