Brass Monkeys Jazz Workout

Composed by Paul H Traves


This huge release brings together a selection of music composed by Paul H Traves that introduces your learners to the different style of Jazz that is available. Naturally, the rhythmic work required to play such styles means that this publication will push your learners on and will challenge them at a new level. Syncopation and swing are at the heart of the music in this collection and it is the perfect way to get your learners playing in new styles not always covered by training band music. This title offers excellent value for money with seven titles included. This publication features:

  • SNAKES & LADDERS - (teaching dynamics and expressive playing)
  • CHROMATICS - (As the title suggest, ensuring every valve us used!)
  • ROCKIN' GERONIMO - (featuring triplets and accidentals)
  • TRUMPET DRIFT - (introducing crotchet triplets & syncopation)
  • J.B.'s 12 BAR BLUES - (a well-known style that feature sharp key signatures)
  • J.B.'s CALYPSO (unison playing and tight rhythmic playing required)
  • ZIG-ZAG (getting players into a lazy swing style)