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Many of the parts are doubled up to ensure that you do not need a full complement of players to perform these pieces. To help with the confusing aspect of the lower instruments written in treble clef, bass clef parts are also included for Baritones, Euphoniums, Trombones and Tuba, meaning that even though the brass band treble clef transposition is not primarily taught by teachers to new students, they can still join in as they will be familiar with bass clef.

As well as all this, each ‘Brass Monkeys’ publication comes with a licence from us to the user, to allow photocopying of any of the parts supplied with each publication (for use with the group or band that purchased the initial set). That way if you are lucky enough to have six trombones and five basses – this isn’t a problem! In a nutshell, the ‘Brass Monkeys’ publications feature…

• Full Score and Full Brass Band Parts

• Percussion & Tuned Percussion Parts

• Easy Keys & Time Signatures

• Bass Clef Parts for Baritones, Trombones, Euphonium & Tuba included

• An Unlimited Photocopy License for the Purchasing Group or Band

• Doubling of Parts & So Playable By Small or Large Ensembles

• High Frequency of Rehearsal Marks So Rehearsal Time Isn’t Wasted

• Original Compositions & Arrangement of Well Known Tunes

• Optional Octaves (for your braver players!)

Training Band Music - ‘Brass Monkeys’

With most bands these days running their own junior/training bands, there is an increasingly important need for suitable music. This music, as well as being easy enough for the learners to play, must also teach and sound good to the ears of the players so they feel a sense of accomplishment.

‘Brass Monkeys’ is the publishing label for our training band music and has been designed specifically for junior/training brass bands. Each item is arranged for a full brass band, from Soprano Cornet to BBb Bass and even includes Drum kit and Glockenspiel parts for your percussionists.